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The festival commemorates the Escalade, according to tradition, the failure of which Savoyard troops launched an assault Geneva December 12, 1602.
Children singing "CE E. LAINO," which tells the events of 1602 in Geneva old patois, go disguised, from bar to bar, while members of the "Society of 1602" patrol horse, costumes time with pikes and spears.
Highlight of the weekend, the torchlight procession, with more than 1000 participants in costumes, marching in the dark streets of the old town and end his career on the cathedral square in front of a bonfire.
One of the surprises offered "Escalade" is the passage Monetier, which is open to the public once a year. It leads visitors to the remains of Roman fortifications. At the exit, a glass of mulled wine is offered to visitors to make them forget the cold. Of steaming soup also expected fans in the Old Arsenal in front of City Hall. More precisely, the soup of the Mother Kingdom .
The tradition is that lady Kingdom - wife of the coin of the Republic - hearing the tumult of the battle that took place under his windows - took his pot over the fire and donned a Savoyard who fell "stiff."
It should also illustrates this citizen most charming traditions Geneva. On the evening of December 12, all Geneva homes have a pot chocolate hit weapons of Geneva and filled with marzipan vegetables. The custom is the oldest and the youngest break the pot together before all the congregation did not rush to the taste without - before - sang the first stanza of "ce E. Laino".

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